Owner / Director of Catering

Brooke Greer

Brooke was raised in other parts of Texas, but she’s been in Austin long enough she prefers to say, “I’m from Austin.”

She’s been in restaurant and catering for close to 10 years and loves to talk weddings. She has a special gift with brides… (patience) and especially if it involves a pig roast and some paté.

Brooke loves cookbooks, starting knitting projects, hosting friends for Thanksgiving, shopping for junk, shopping for pretty things, drinking rosé & pretending to learn French.

Team Member
Executive Chef

Freddy Diaz

Aspiring chemical engineer turned chef, Freddy hails all the way from El Paso where he grew up watching his grandmother cook in the kitchen. Her influence inspired his love for bold flavors and colorful presentation.

When not in the kitchen you’ll find him fixing up his new home or spending time with his newborn baby girl.

Team Member
Sous Chef

Joseph Sukhendra

Born and raised in New Zealand and quite the word traveler, Joseph brings an eclectic culinary point of view to the kitchen which he uses to create thoughtful seasonal menus.

He’s a diehard rugby fan (go All Blacks!) and has a healthy love for house made ricotta, or “ricotter” as he calls it. Gotta love that New Zealand accent!

Team Member
Kitchen Operations

Staci Thavirat

Born in Oklahoma, raised in California and residing in Austin, Staci has always enjoyed mixing things up. She started with us as an office assistant and quickly took on other roles to keep things interesting. Now you’ll find her in the kitchen helping streamline operations.

When not at work she’s most likely scouring the city for a good bowl of noodles or enjoying time at home with her husband and two cats; a modern family.

Team Member
Catering Event Planner

Angela Verdina

Angela is a light hearted, easygoing gal with an amazing attention to detail. A native Texan she’s in the know about an array of local venues, vendors and event planners; making her an invaluable asset to our sales team.

Baking is her true passion and her salted Nutella cookies are a staff fave. On occasion she’s been asked to step into the kitchen to make (just a few hundred) desserts. Seriously. She’s that good!

Team Member
Catering Event Planner

Alaina Morris

Fun fact: Alaina was a synchronized swimmer in college. She no longer wears the nose plug, but she’s still got the moves! While her voice has a sweet southern cadence that pairs perfectly with her warm personality, Alaina hails from Upstate New York and she’s a tough Yankee at heart.

Thoughtful and a food fanatic, Alaina is a master at assembling ideas into cohesive and unique experiences for our clients and their guests.

Team Member
Production Manager

Meghan Speakerman

By a stroke of luck Meghan stumbled into catering fresh out of high school and has since thrown out any aspirations to be a writer. She’s worked in multiple facets of the event industry and has gained tons of knowledge and friends along the way.

Meghan is a woman of extremes… in the best way possible. She’s the girliest tomboy and the most Type A “chill girl” you’ll ever meet. A fine mix of both rural and urban, she prefers to be either barefoot or in high heels; there’s no in between.

Team Member
Event Manager

Graham Henry

Previously traveling the world saving whales and dolphins for a nonprofit, Graham now has an even tougher job as our human wrangler, aka staffing coordinator. Also our lead event manager, he works tirelessly while maintaining a sincere smile and friendly, helpful demeanor.

During the off season you’ll find Graham scouring for antique treasures, rock hunting in the hills, or hanging with his twin brother in Kerrville.

Team Member
Event Assistant

Anna Pearl Woolston

Anna is a lifelong Austinite and embodies the spunky spirit of our city. Ever the fashionista, she can make a t-shirt and pencil skirt look cute and profesh, and we love her for it. She will make you laugh while simultaneously looking after our team and clients with diligence and care.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys polishing her collection of funky sunglasses while binge-watching Unsolved Mysteries with her cat, Master Nasty.

Team Member
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